Project 365


So I began my personal Project 365 today…

I needed to get back to shooting daily and step away from the computer a bit now and again.

Day 1 I decided the self portrait would be in order as I embark on the this journey for the next year. Please come check it out on my FB page: HERE


Coloring In!


A bit of quick fun to start the week! Coloring in like the good old days  🙂

For those of you who have not attempted it, give it a try if you have photoshop. This was a super quick version. Create a layer for the skin. Choose a close color. Change layer mode to color. colour in. Check colorize under hue and saturation and make small adjustments until you happy. do this for each layer you make for eyes, clothes, lips etc…

Most of all, just have fun!!!

Unexpected Suprise


A lot of the times when I shoot in or around my house, my kids like to trail along and see how they can distract me 🙂 On this occasion, as with many, it worked to my advantage. I originally set out to take a landscape photo for my next article, but when I saw them standing there holding hands I just couldn’t resist! ….I will get to that landscape shot I tell you!