Simple Logo Design – Behind the scenes


This being the first article I think its best if we start with an easy one. Above you will see the logo I designed for Equi Jet. It is very simple but left me with a happy client!


“Equi Jet is an agency that deals directly with race horse trainers and arranges transport by air to the various courses throughout South Africa”


The first part before thinking of putting pen to paper and coming up with the design is a meeting with the client. This is extremely important and will establish important ground rules for the outcome of the job. This will also give you the chance to chat in general to the client and get a feel for their personalities and the way they want you to see their business.


Some of the rules you need to establish during your meeting are as follows:

  • Company type
  • Do they have a current logo
  • What are the company colors
  • Job completion time frame
  • Budget
  • Intended use of logo


Give the client the chance to talk about themselves instead of listening to your skills. Any person who sees you are interested in what they say about their business is more likely to be open with you and give you more insight into the company.

The client then told me what he envisioned for the brand and we chatted about where we could go with it. A few ideas were bounced around verbally and I left with all the details I needed to put the logo together.

Putting it all together was easy as I gave the client lots of room to express what he wanted. I knew how much time I needed, the right colors to be used, the intended style for the company and where the logo will be used. Many concept ideas were put together and the final product was selected with ample time to spare.

I managed to get the approval of the above logo that is now used throughout the Equi Jet brand.


The bottom line is, keep it simple, listen to what is wanted or expected, make sure you have all the details and you both understand what is expected from each other and give yourself time to put ideas together.


I know this is a really simple post but the fundamentals are important.

Good luck and ignite creativity!



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